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About Us

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     Myself Yash,opticalknowledge.com this is my blog, I am an optometrist, we have done Master of Optometry, we have 8-year experience in optical industries, Here we will tell you about glasses lenses, lenses Materials, contact lenses, frames, advantages and disadvantages of frame materials, progressive lenses, Bi-focal lenses, harmful Rays(light) for Eyes,Sunglasses,Photochromatic Lenses,Transitions Lenses,Multifocal Contact Lenses, how to protect your eyes, in  English If you have any questions and suggestions, you can write to me at opticalknowledgehelp@gmail.com We will try to give you a complete reply in 24 hours.

Note:- This blog only for Educational Purpose.
About us:-

Name- Yash


State-Uttar Pradesh



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